Community trustee boards

Greater Sydney Parklands oversees community trustee boards that let the community provide advice on future of Sydney’s iconic parks.

Community trustee boards banner

We have established community trustee boards as one way to engage with local communities on the future of our iconic parks. The boards operate for Callan Park, Centennial Parklands (incorporating Moore Park and Queens Park), Fernhill Estate, Parramatta Park (incorporating Wistaria Gardens) and Western Sydney Parklands. 

The community trustee boards play a key advisory role. They represent a broad range of community interests and local perspectives on park stewardship, activities and usage. They also advise on environmental, heritage and cultural issues. We consider the views of the community trustee boards in our decision-making and the boards have a direct impact on how our parks operate.

Community trustee board members

Community members can nominate for a community trustee board. Members are selected by a panel and appointed by the relevant minister.  

A community trustee board member holds office for no more than 5 years. Members have been appointed for 2 years in the first instance.

Callan Park community trustee board

  • Amelia Lawrence 
  • Mayor Cr Darcy Byrne (Inner West Council nominated representative) 
  • Deborah Lennis (First Nations representative) 
  • Keith Irving (Chair) 
  • Louisa Larkin 
  • Roslyn Burge (heritage representative) 
  • Stephen Conaty 
Community trustee board
Centennial Parklands community trustee board members stand in a circle at Mount Steel

Centennial Park and Moore Park community trustee board

  • Alex Kibble (heritage representative) 
  • Alia Karaman (Chair) 
  • Alim Fazley 
  • Barbara Simms (First Nations representative) 
  • Lord Mayor Cr Clover Moore (City of Sydney nominated representative) 
  • Ross Nicholas 
  • Cr Isabelle Shapiro OAM (Woollahra Municipal Council nominated representative) 
  • Joseph Herschel 
  • Mayor Cr Paula Masselos (Waverley Council nominated representative) 
  • Ross Feller (Randwick City Council nominated representative) 

Fernhill Estate community trustee board

  • Cindy Laws (First Nations representative)  
  • Nicholas Leech 
  • Peter Harvey 
  • Poonam Naik 
  • Robert Bennett (heritage representative) 
  • Shari Driver (Chair) 
  • Penrith City Council nominated representative TBC 
Fernhill Estate community trustee board members stand side by side outside of a manor house
Parramatta Park community trustee board members stand side by side at Paperbark playground

Parramatta Park community trustee board

  • Benedict Mitchell 
  • Cheryl Bates OAM (heritage representative) 
  • James Lawler 
  • Mayor Cr Lisa Lake (Cumberland City Council nominated representative) 
  • Mustafa Agha 
  • Stewart Thompson (Chair) 
  • Thelmerie Rudd (First Nations representative) 
  • City of Parramatta Council nominated representative TBC 

Western Sydney Parklands community trustee board

  • Cr Chris Quilkey (Blacktown City Council nominated representative) 
  • Colin Locke (First Nations representative) 
  • Douglas Belton (heritage representative) 
  • Edward Saulig (Fairfield City Council nominated representative) 
  • Ellie Robertson 
  • Rebecca Anderson 
  • Sririsay Vukovic 
  • Liverpool City Council nominated representative TBC 
Western Sydney Parklands community trustee board members pose for a photograph in an indoor meeting room

Board meeting agendas and summary reports

Community trustee boards meet at least 4 times per year. 

To ensure transparency, all members of the community have access to meeting agendas and summary reports for community trustee board meetings. 

We will publish the meeting agenda for each community trustee board at least 7 days before the meeting. The summary report will be published at least 1 week after the meeting.

Community trustee board meetings

Community trustee board meetings are scheduled for the following dates in 2024.

 Meeting 1Meeting 2Meeting 3Meeting 4
Centennial Park and Moore ParkWednesday 7 FebruaryWednesday 29 MayWednesday 14 AugustWednesday 30 October
Callan ParkMonday 4 MarchMonday 3 JuneMonday 19 AugustMonday 4 November
Fernhill EstateTuesday 5 MarchTuesday 11 JuneTuesday 20 AugustTuesday 5 November
Western Sydney ParklandsTuesday 12 MarchTuesday 18 JuneTuesday 10 SeptemberTuesday 12 November
Parramatta ParkTuesday 19 MarchTuesday 25 JuneTuesday 3 SeptemberTuesday 19 November
Inaugural joint community trustee board meeting

Further information

Requirements for community trustee boards

Each community trustee board will: 

  • include a member nominated by each relevant local council 
  • be representative of community diversity, including in relation to gender, age and cultural background 
  • be reflective of the broad range of views and interests of the community and the people who use the relevant parkland 
  • include representation for local First Nations peoples 
  • include a representative who has experience or skills in heritage or heritage management. 

Community trustee board members will: 

  • have knowledge of their parkland and the activities carried out there 
  • be able to communicate effectively with local residents, local community groups and other people who use the park. 

To find out more about the approach for establishing and operating the community trustee boards, and what’s required of members, see the approved Consultation and Engagement Framework or the GSP engagement FAQ 

Seven things you need to know as a member of a community trustee board
  1. Community trustee board members are asked to provide informed advice on the relevant parklands. 
  2. Members will be appointed for an initial 2-year period and will be required to attend at least 4 meetings per year. 
  3. We want to hear about the experiences and perspectives of a diverse range of members of your community. 
  4. You’ll be expected to contribute in a way that values the contribution of others. 
  5. You’ll need to declare any conflicts of interest and act in accordance with the board’s terms of reference and code of conduct. 
  6. Members have a duty to protect confidential and private information. 
  7. If another community trustee board member is not acting ethically, you should notify the Chair and/or Greater Sydney Parklands. 

If you are passionate about Sydney's iconic parklands, a clear communicator and/or have demonstrated skills and experience running meetings, consider nominating for a community trustee board. Details will be made available here when the next round of nominations is open.

Frequently asked questions

View the Community trustee boards frequently asked questions.