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We have completed renovations on Bonnyview (the Gardener's Cottage) and the Summer House at Callan Point. Designs are being finalised for the adaptive reuse of the Repatriation Ward (Building 497) as the home of the Balmain District Football Club. Under the guiding legislation, buildings in Callan Park can only be used for health, education, community (not-for-profit), arts and culture facilities and not-for-profit food and beverage premises.

In the coming years many more buildings will be restored and adapted as outlined in the Callan Park Landscape Structure Plan.

In early 2022, we asked the community what uses and activities it wants to see in the parklands. You told us that: 

  • the community values Callan Park
  • people want to see buildings brought to life
  • heritage conservation of buildings is important
  • people would like more opportunities to come together
  • people want increased amenities
  • Callan Park must be green and open to all. 

Read the community survey report (PDF, 4.1 MB)

Restoration complete or underway

Balmain Road Gates 

Callan Park


The Balmain Road Gates, built in 1878, was entranceway for carriages and pedestrians to the Callan Park Hospital for the Insane. The gates were originally located further east, adjacent to the gatehouse (now a childcare centre). The gates are predominantly intact and have been identified as being exceptionally significant. We have also completed works to restore the adjacent Guard House building.  

The gates were officially re-opened on Friday 6 May 2022. 

Bonnyview (Gardener's Cottage) B205

Callan Park


Bonnyview was constructed in the 1870s as the first purpose-built structure for the Callan Park Hospital for the Insane. This building predates the Kirkbride. It was known as the Gardener's Cottage and accommodated patients in the early days of the Callan Park hospital.  

Bonnyview has exceptional heritage significance for its aesthetic and historical importance. 

The former Repatriation Ward (B497) 

Callan Park


Repatriation Hospital Ward B (B497) was the first purpose-built ward for returned soldiers constructed in 1920. The design is arranged around a central mess hall with ward wings at each side. Located adjacent to the waterfront zone, the building is classified as having low heritage significance. However, there is no doubt that B497 has historical and social value as the first purpose-built structure related to the repatriation hospital. 

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