About us

Greater Sydney Parklands is a NSW Government agency dedicated to managing some of Greater Sydney’s most iconic urban parklands.

About Greater Sydney Parklands

We work on behalf of the NSW Government to provide safe, accessible and inclusive parklands for the residents of and visitors to Greater Sydney.

We are governed by the NSW Greater Sydney Parklands Trust Act 2022

We are led by an independent board and care for Greater Sydney’s parklands estate, maintain park infrastructure and employ park staff.

View of Western Sydney Parklands. Credit: Daniel Tran

As a city-wide parks agency, we advocate for the NSW Government’s 50-Year Vision for Greater Sydney’s Open Space and Parklands (PDF 3.3 MB). Our vision is to create ‘a city of connected parklands’ by taking a metropolitan planning view while embracing a local perspective.

We partner with local communities and councils to understand and protect the natural and cultural heritage that makes each park unique. We balance this with the needs of our diverse and growing park communities and work to improve the city’s green space and parklands.

We have a seat at the table when major decisions are made that shape how Greater Sydney grows and changes, acknowledging the importance of connected parklands to a global city. Our advocacy across government means that open space and parklands are considered alongside transport, utilities and housing, all of which are critical to making Sydney a great place to live, work and visit.

The Greater Sydney Parklands Estate

The iconic parks that form the parklands estate are, from west to east:

  • Fernhill Estate
  • Western Sydney Parklands
  • Parramatta Park (including Wistaria Gardens)
  • Callan Park
  • Centennial Parklands (Centennial, Moore and Queens parks).


We want to enhance the value of each of these parks while retaining their distinctive qualities. This will give the people of Greater Sydney diverse options and experiences along with consistent and best-practice policy, advocacy and park management.

Fernhill Estate precinct

Our parks

Greater Sydney Parklands brings together some of Sydney’s most iconic parks:

Men fishing off rock cliff
Greater Sydney Parklands logo
Callan Park
Nestled along the Parramatta River in Sydney's inner west.
Lily Pond Bridge in Centennial Park
Greater Sydney Parklands logo
Centennial Parklands
369 hectares of open space and leading sporting and recreational facilities near central Sydney.
Fernhill Estate building
Greater Sydney Parklands logo
Fernhill Estate
A stunning rural landscape in the Mulgoa Valley within the Penrith local government area.
Parramatta Park landscape
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Parramatta Park
World-Heritage listed park in the centre of Parramatta.
Sunset over mountains with tress in the foreground
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Western Sydney Parklands
Australia's largest urban park and 'Sydney's biggest backyard'.
People looking at sunset

Our vision and purpose

Our vision is to be city of connected parklands.

Learn about our vision and purpose
Young people bushwalking in the sunset

Our people

Our people come from a range of backgrounds and form a professional group of individuals dedicated to parks and open spaces.
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Young people bushwalking in the sunset

Our organisation

Learn about our organisation and work, including our policies, plans and legislation.
Learn about our organisation
Cafe in park. Credit: Nikki To
Learn about our business activities to grow and enhance the parklands estate.
Woman and child planting tree in park
Learn how individuals and organisations can support Greater Sydney Parklands.